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Covid-19 Related Resources

Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine


New to Therapy?

How to Choose a Counselor or Therapist

7 Things I want to Tell My Therapist

Is Therapy Really Worth It?



The Key Role Your Nervous System Plays in Trauma Recovery

Intergenerational Trauma – Healing the Wounds of History

What is an Attachment Style? Do I Have One? Do I Need One?

Are Phobias and Trauma Passed Down Through DNA?

Depression & Anxiety

Simple Breathing Exercise

The Wisdom of Anxiety

Depression, Anxiety and the Mismanagement of Aliveness

What It’s Like Inside A Depressed Person’s Head

How to Help Someone With Depression

How People Become Resilient

Rapid Relaxation Exercises – PDF download

Helpful Reminders For Dealing With Panic Attacks – PDF download

Tips for supporting someone with depression or bi-polar


Mindfulness & Neuroscience articles and links

Mindfulness Video for Young Ones

The Transformative Power of Practice


Guided Imagery, Relaxation & Mindfulness

Insight timer meditation app (learn how to meditate and other useful courses!)

Adyashanti – Guided Meditation 


Eco-psychology / Nature Based Healing

Mindfulness in Nature – Mark Coleman on Insights at the Edge

Nature Connection Will Be the Next Big Human Trend

Climate depression is for real. Just ask a scientist

The Great Turning – Joanna Macy


Women’s Health /  Conscious Menstruation

Wisdom of the Menstrual Cycle

9 Things Every Woman Should know About Menstruation

Society for Menstrual Cycle Research 

Our Bodies Our Selves – Information on sexuality & reproductive health

The Red Web Foundation –  Menstrual Health Awareness Organization



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