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New to Therapy?

How to Choose a Counselor or Therapist

7 Things I want to Tell My Therapist

Is Therapy Really Worth It?


How attachment and bonding with caregivers impacts healthy self development

The Key Role Your Nervous System Plays in Trauma Recovery

Emotional Neglect and Developing Self-worth

Intergenerational Trauma – Healing the Wounds of History

What is an Attachment Style? Do I Have One? Do I Need One?

Are Phobias and Trauma Passed Down Through DNA?

Depression & Anxiety

Simple Breathing Exercise

The Wisdom of Anxiety

Depression, Anxiety and the Mismanagement of Aliveness

What It’s Like Inside A Depressed Person’s Head

How to Help Someone With Depression

How People Become Resilient

Rapid Relaxation Exercises – PDF download

Helpful Reminders For Dealing With Panic Attacks – PDF download

Tips for supporting someone with depression or bi-polar


How New Addictions Are Destroying Us

How Cannabis Affects the Brain and Body

What to Expect and How to Quit Cannabis

Mindfulness & Neuroscience articles and links

Mindfulness Video for Young Ones

The Transformative Power of Practice

Guided Imagery, Relaxation & Mindfulness

Insight timer meditation app (learn how to meditate and other useful courses!)

Adyashanti – Guided Meditation 

Eco-psychology / Nature Based Healing

Mindfulness in Nature – Mark Coleman on Insights at the Edge

Nature Connection Will Be the Next Big Human Trend

Climate depression is for real. Just ask a scientist

The Great Turning – Joanna Macy

Women’s Health /  Conscious Menstruation

Wisdom of the Menstrual Cycle

9 Things Every Woman Should know About Menstruation

Society for Menstrual Cycle Research 

Our Bodies Our Selves – Information on sexuality & reproductive health

The Red Web Foundation –  Menstrual Health Awareness Organization


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