Family Counseling

What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.
~ Mother Teresa

Family counseling is a process of working with the entire family system to help all members become more aware of dysfunctional family dynamics as well as support and strengthen healthy patterns of interaction and communication. My work with families recognizes that all behavior and interactional patterns have a purpose and develop for a reason. Through playful and active ways, I help families to explore and understand their relational dynamic without placing blame on any one person in the family.

During our sessions we’ll identify different rules and roles that family members have taken on (either consciously or unconsciously), explore how different family members are getting their needs met, and work to understand how power is being exercised within the family. Together, we can begin to identify and implement effective, positive parenting and discipline strategies that teach children (and parents) how to respect others, feel worthy of respect and strengthen their sense of belonging.

Individuals and families are constantly going through developmental and life-cycle transitions. This is a normal part of life. Sometimes, however, life events and transitions such as death, loss, divorce, remarriage, traumatic experiences, or cultural pressures can create additional stress and conflict in families. Counseling can help your family navigate these significant life events and find healthy ways to manage external stressors.


Marriage & Family Therapist Registered Intern (#77919) at Holos Institute

Supervised by: Laura Parker, MFT #37654

 Ph: 510.394.1608